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We aim to instill knowledge, skills, and confidence in content creators to accurately and authentically advocate for sustainability issues, driving dialogue & change among brands, consumers, industry experts, fellow creatives, and innovators.


In response to a cultural shift toward creator accountability in 2020, consumers are calling on creators to advocate for social causes and to pursue meaningful, authentic partnerships. As the climate crisis intensifies and injustices pervade our systems, we seek to support creators who refuse to be complacent, providing resources, education and community.


The Ethical Creators curriculum covers the environmental and social impacts of the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industries, specifically tailored to the needs of content creators. Led by industry leaders & subject-matter experts, our creators will convene around harnessing their influence for good, gaining the tools and skills needed for effective social media advocacy. Creators will connect with innovative brands and relevant NGOs to support, as well as fellow content creators in the space.


The Ethical Creators curriculum underpins every interaction we have with our creators, and is updated to fit the ever-changing landscape of our industry. Expect deep-dives into topics including:

•  Greenwashing 101

•  Racial Justice

•  Climate Change

•  Transparency and Vetting

•  Social Media Advocacy